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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, from all of us at Legacy Post and Beam.

Gambrel Barn near Home

Legacy Post & Beam barn near Elk Point, SD

Check out what was accomplished after the first day of constructing a Legacy Post & beam kit.  One of the advantages of purchasing a kit is that the construction goes much faster.

This gambrel barn will be used as a shop area on the main level with storage, animal stalls in the lean-to, and the loft will be used for a basketball / recreation area with a 12X28 lounge room as well.

We will post more pictures as the project progresses.

South Dakota Pheasant Acres Complete

South Dakota Pheasant Acres has now completed their new lodge.  Please view our facebook page and website for more pictures:


Progress being made on pheasant hunting lodge

Progress is being made on the new hunting lodge for South Dakota Pheasant Acres near Armour, SD.  Their previous lodge had a tragic fire last year and they are rebuilding using a Post & Beam kit from Legacy Post & Beam with SIP panels provided by Enercept. 

The lodge should be completed by this fall and will be operational for this coming pheasant season. 

To see construction progress of the lodge, visit the Pheasant Acres or Legacy Post & Beam facebook pages:

SD Pheasant Acres facebook page:

Legacy Post & Beam facebook page:

For booking a pheasant hunt please contact:
Marty Jensen
SD Pheasant Acres

For more information about Post & Beam structures:
Legacy Post & Beam

For more information about SIP panel construction:
JBAR Construction
Josh Barber

Legacy Post & Beam kits used for loft living space

Legacy Post & Beam kits used for loft living spaces

Because of the cost efficiencies of having a loft in post & beam structures, it is very popular to have a barn that has storage space on the main level, and then living space on the second level. Designs like the one below are very popular for those who want to build cabins or second homes.

When using a post & beam kit for any structure with living space, you really want to be objective with the materials you choose to use.  For example, some post & beam kit companies choose to use pine for their structural timbers.  Pine is a great, cost effective wood for siding & nominal uses, however; it's structural value is somewhat subpar.  In addition to it's structural values, pine also has a high tendency to twist, warp, and even shrink due to it's high moisture content; creating headaches for your contractor, or even issues with your structure down the road.  No one wants to see twisted posts in their beautifu…

About Legacy Post & Beam & our values

About Legacy Post & Beam  & Our Values:With over 40 years of experience in custom post & beam kit sales and design, customer service, project management, CAD design, manufacturing and operations, we are uniquely equipped to provide you with a very straight-forward and efficient process to help you achieve your dream barn, cabin or home.

Legacy Post & Beam is the PREMIER manufacturer in the Midwest providing the highest quality post and beam kits available. We are proud to be a small company with traditional family values. We have three simple goals: QUALITY, VALUE and INTEGRITY. We have no desire to be the biggest post & beam company – but we do strive to be the BEST. You won’t find us boasting about producing hundreds of barns, homes or cabins a year because we believe something gets lost in the process of trying to mass produce anything. Instead, we would rather focus on designing and manufacturing one kit at a time that is customized for each individual o…