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About Legacy Post & Beam & our values

About Legacy Post & Beam  & Our Values:With over 40 years of experience in custom post & beam kit sales and design, customer service, project management, CAD design, manufacturing and operations, we are uniquely equipped to provide you with a very straight-forward and efficient process to help you achieve your dream barn, cabin or home.

Legacy Post & Beam is the PREMIER manufacturer in the Midwest providing the highest quality post and beam kits available. We are proud to be a small company with traditional family values. We have three simple goals: QUALITY, VALUE and INTEGRITY. We have no desire to be the biggest post & beam company – but we do strive to be the BEST. You won’t find us boasting about producing hundreds of barns, homes or cabins a year because we believe something gets lost in the process of trying to mass produce anything. Instead, we would rather focus on designing and manufacturing one kit at a time that is customized for each individual o…