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Legacy Post & Beam kits used for loft living space

Legacy Post & Beam kits used for loft living spaces

Because of the cost efficiencies of having a loft in post & beam structures, it is very popular to have a barn that has storage space on the main level, and then living space on the second level. Designs like the one below are very popular for those who want to build cabins or second homes.

When using a post & beam kit for any structure with living space, you really want to be objective with the materials you choose to use.  For example, some post & beam kit companies choose to use pine for their structural timbers.  Pine is a great, cost effective wood for siding & nominal uses, however; it's structural value is somewhat subpar.  In addition to it's structural values, pine also has a high tendency to twist, warp, and even shrink due to it's high moisture content; creating headaches for your contractor, or even issues with your structure down the road.  No one wants to see twisted posts in their beautifu…