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Five Reasons Post and Beam is the Ideal Fit for Event Venues

Billions of dollars are spent on weddings in the US each year and it comes as no surprise that year after year, the venue is the largest investment for couples celebrating their big day.

For those considering entering or expanding their presence in this lucrative industry, we have compiled a few of the most common reasons customers choose a Legacy Post & Beam kit for their event venue.

1. Accommodates all styles of weddings

From elegant chandeliers, to comfy couches and cow decor, the rustic look can be dressed up or down to resonate with all ends of the formality spectrum.

2. Open Floor Plans

In post and beam construction all of the weight is placed on the posts & beams (hence the name), which removes the need for supporting walls. This opens spaces up significantly, allowing for efficiently designed structures that maximize capacity limits and minimize owner investment.

3. Structural components create significant aesthetic appeal

Many forms of construction require ass…